Whole Body Massage Online Course

Whole Body Massage Online Course – $535

Maximise this time and immerse yourself in online practical massage training and self mastery-all while getting ready to launch a new career

View a free sample of our headache treatment tutorial video.

Online training does NOT mean theoretical with Discover Massage Australia. Position yourself and take advantage of the current climate and of the inevitable upswing of a career in massage. Our hands-on practical comprehensive program gives you the skills and knowledge you need to start your career with confidence.

What you learn: Unique to DMA, results-driven, complete and thorough massage system to treat each body region in a series of sequences

Duration: At-home, online hands-on practical 20-hour program that you can work through at your own pace. Unlimited access. Ideal for anyone who lives in regional or rural areas, or even if you can’t make a face-to-face course at our venue.

Delivery method: 100% hands-on practical training made up of 15 professionally made video demonstration training modules that allows you to put your learnings into practice with ease. The course also consists of multiple choice quiz questions per module based on the video’s with no theory. Our online course modules follow a classroom structure exactly the same as our face to face courses.

Live feedback and coaching: Includes unlimited Zoom or Facetime video face-to-face coaching with the Course Director 

Video feedback and coaching: Includes unlimited Video analysis feedback. Send us a video of you massaging and we will provide feedback. 

Online support: We are committed to excellent continuous coaching with friendly and knowledgable staff providing unlimited support with any questions you may have.

Approved Nationally: You will receive a certificate. This massage course is nationally approved with both the peak industry association, the Massage Association of Australia (MAA) established in 1980 and the peak industry body, International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) established in 2002.

Professional Indemnity Insurance: Yes available on completion through both the IICT and MAA

This course has been approved by both the IICT and MAA for professional membership and insurance

Can I start a business: Yes. On completion of the course

Cost: $535.00

  • How to massage each body part as a series of sequences for best-proven results
  • Lengthening & relaxing your client’s muscles
  • Benefits of massage
  • Essential contraindications of massage to evaluate patients properly before engaging
  • Hygiene & safety in massage therapy including infection control
  • Assessment prior to massage
  • Professionalism in the massage industry
  • How to start a massage business
  • How to join an industry body like the IICT or MAA
  • How to apply for professional indemnity insurance
  • Massage Therapist safety
  • Security of client confidentiality information
  • Industry Standards for a massage therapist 
  • Complaint procedure within the massage industry
  • Code of Conduct
  • First-hand experiences from instructors since having become massage therapists
  • How to properly interact with your client and effective communication skills
    • How to use your own body (and body weight) to provide a thorough massage, while avoiding injury yourself too. This applies to each sequence of massage.
    • Procedure of draping your client
    • Front of Arms 
    • Back of Arms
    • Front of Legs
    • Back of Legs
    • Whole Back Massage
    • Foot massage
    • Stomach massage
    • Neck massage
    • Face massage
    • Construct & Plan a Full body massage
    • Construct and Perform a Full body massage


    Stand-alone individual massage treatments include:

    • Seated Headache Treatment
    • Seated head, neck and shoulder massage


    • A 50 page pictorial style course manual of the techniques taught
    • A “free” 10 minute video on 3 mistakes a new therapist makes and how to avoid them
    • Client consent form
    • 15 industry documents that will help you in your career as a massage therapist which includes marketing techniques.
    • Your certificate on successful completion of the course requirements
    IICT Approved Premium Training Provider

    The International Institute for Complementary Therapists is a professional industry body that provides membership, insurance, resources, and a global community for complementary therapists working in 1,100+ modalities.

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    The Massage Association of Australia is one of the leading representative bodies supporting all Massage Therapists from the beginning of their careers.

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    Below is the special IICT membership 20% discount link to join

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    Step 2: Please note: When processing your payment, please enter the DISCOUNT CODE: ATP20%OFF 
    Once joined, you will be able to purchase a special IICT member professional indemnity insurance through their website.

    Our commitment to quality sets us apart

    We’re different to the other massage schools, and it shows in the quality of our graduates:

    Learn a comprehensive massage system (not just strokes)

    We don’t teach a set of technically disjointed massage strokes – we give you a results-driven, complete and thorough massage system to effectively massage the entire body to relax and lengthen the muscles that give your massages the WOW factor and set you apart from all other massage therapists.

    Highly effective training helps you memorise our system

    Rather than just demonstrating each stroke then moving on we’ll present and explain each stroke, you practise it, then we revise and show you how to organically add the stroke to your repertoire. And we’ll keep practicing until you and your classmates are ready to move on.

    Our unique and distinctive techniques

    Designed by DMA, our thorough massage system techniques have been developed over the past 30 years by our founding trainers that will get you proven results. You’ll leave our hands on weekend course confidently able to perform a full body relaxation massage that friends, family and clients will love. Our techniques allow you to use different levels of pressure based off what your client wants giving your massages the WOW factor.

    What you learn

    A complete, thorough whole-body massage system

    Techniques to lengthen and relax your clients’ muscles

    How to use your body (and body weight) to safely massage and avoid injuries

    How to interact with clients

    Correct positioning or “draping”

    Start working sooner

    If you’re looking to start your career, or add a skill to your resume, then our DMA 2 day Certificate in Whole Body Massage will give you everything you need. This massage course is fully approved with both the peak industry association which is Massage Association of Australia (MAA) established in 1980 and the peak industry body, International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) established in 2002.
    This course has been approved by both the IICT and MAA for professional membership and insurance.

    As soon as you’ve finished you can apply for membership and qualify for insurance – being a member of the IICT even allows you to work professionally in 39 countries.

    Comprehensive video tutorials that prepare you to treat clients in no time

    At Discover Massage Australia, we want to help you learn to become the best massage therapist possible, which is why we focus on quality trainers, core skills, comprehensive online video tutorials and Zoom face-to-face coaching.

    We’ll teach you the skills and techniques you need to successfully treat clients, and we’ll show you the underlying principles that form the basis of what we do.

    We all know the importance of having a system to follow. Without a system, it’s very hard to know right from wrong, or how things negatively or positively affect your desired massage result.

    Leading the way for over 22 years

    As one of the most experienced colleges, we’ve training thousands of people since 1997 – now we’re the largest hands-on college in the country.

    We want to help you build your career, whether you become a dedicated massage therapist or use your skills to complement your other services. Our course is also perfect for people trying massage for the first time or those simply wanting to broaden their skill set. So, we spend more time teaching and less time talking, and we back up the techniques with solid business and client liaison advice that can benefit everyone, no matter what field you work in.

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    "Unbelievable! What a massage course. More than what I expected. All in one weekend. Fantastic!"

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    "A fantastic course. Loved every minute of it!"

    Kate Pecora, Melbourne

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