Learn how to treat spinal torsion from the experts

Our comprehensive online training series shows you how to identify, assess and treat spinal torsion in your clients

  • What you learn: our unique three-step process for treating spinal torsion.(The twisting pattern of the spine)
  • Delivery method: Online only via our online training portal
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    Our commitment to quality sets us apart

    We’re different to the other massage schools, and it shows in the quality of our graduates:

    • Learn a comprehensive system (not just strokes)

      We don’t teach a set of technically disjointed massage strokes – we give you a complete and thorough system to effectively massage the entire body for therapy or relaxation.

    • Highly effective training helps you memorise our system

      Rather than just demonstrating each stroke then moving on we’ll present and explain each stroke, you practise it, then we revise and show you how to organically add the stroke to your repertoire.

    • Unique and distinctive techniques

      Our techniques were developed over the past 30 years by our founding owner, and they work by directly releasing tendons, ligaments, muscle fibres and fascia, rather than focusing on the muscle groups.

    Learn how to:

    • Read the pattern of twisting in the spine and correctly diagnose spinal torsion
    • Perform simple muscle tests
    • Apply massage therapy techniques to treat your clients

    Challenge yourself to continue learning

    As a practising massage therapist, you already know that each client is unique. By continuing to develop your skillset and enhance your techniques you can more effectively alleviate your clients’ aches and pains, improving client satisfaction and retention.

    Our courses are recognised by the Massage Association of Australia, and the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT).

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    • Enhance your skill set with our complete online course

      If you’re serious about providing the best level of care for your clients, you need the skills to treat all their conditions using advanced soft tissue therapy.

      Spinal torsion is more common than you’d think, and we’ll teach you how to identify, assess and treat your clients to relieve their pain and help them achieve balance.

    • Our Chiropractic specialist will teach you skills to transform your practice

      All our courses focus on teaching you thorough and effective massage systems to treat your clients, and now our Instructor Andrew has used his advanced skills in chiropractic care to develop a unique soft tissue therapy for spinal torsion.

      Andrew has over 25 years’ experience as a chiropractor, and his techniques enable you to comprehensively treat the soft tissue and ligament torsion which has put tension on the spinal column.

    Start your course today

    Our online course is available 24/7 through our e-learning platform, simply click below to begin the next phase of your training. And if you’d like to speak with our trainers you can call us direct on 1300 585 989.