“The Whole Body Massage Course was amazing!”

It was everything it said it would be. I’m so glad i found Discover Massage Australia.

James Hill

“A fantastic course. Loved every minute of it!”

I decided to do the course as I have been a full-time mum for the past few years and am looking at getting back into the workforce. I was looking for a hands-on practical course as I don’t have time to complete a theory-based course. The DMA Whole Body Massage Course gave me everything I was after. Thankyou Discover Massage Australia

Kate Pecora

“I absolutely loved this course and would recommend it to anyone.”

I completed the Discover Massage Australia Whole Body Massage Course to further my skills as a football trainer.

Darrell VanZyderveld


What a massage course. More than what i expected. All in one weekend. Fantastic!

Charles Wilkinson

“The research I did about Discover Massage Australia and the experiences people had with you guys was just unbelievable.”

My father was ill in hospital and i wanted to find something to help him. I realized that there were other ways to help without medication and that was through massage.

Colin Smith

“The massage system you learn at the Whole Body Massage course is incredible and the feedback i receive from my client’s is flattering.”

I have a medical condition that forced me to leave my job as a welder. I love massage, so i wanted to become a massage therapist. I did my research and found Discover Massage Australia.

Joel Paule

“I loved this course.”

It helped me to improve my massage skills as i would like to open a business and shop in the future. Discover Massage Australia is a very good school to learn from. Play video.

Shuzhi Xie

“Post game your first point of recovery is massage”

Hear from former AFL Hawthorn star Ben Dixon on how he has benefited directly from the techniques taught by Discover Massage Australia.

Ben Dixon

“I am really looking forward to furthering my studies in massage with your company and highly recommend the course to others.”

Hear from Kylie Barker the owner of KB Fitness & Nutrition (Naracoorte SA) who has completed our Whole Body Massage Course.

Hi Cameron, Thank you so much for an incredible weekend of learning! You are such a fabulous trainer and I absolutely loved the course. I was so impressed with the hands on approach and being able to come out of the course and immediately being able to incorporate massage into my current fitness & nutrition business the very next day with confidence and skill. Absolutely brilliant! All my Personal training, fitness and nutrition clients who have had a massage with me in my first week of massaging have all re-booked and absolutely loved the thorough technique.

Thank you so much. What a fabulous hands on course!

Yours in fitness, health & wellness,

Kylie Barker

“This is the course that I wish was around when I first started.”

Hear from one of our past students at DMA, Sam Papaleo. Sam is currently one of Melbourne’s leading myotherapist and natropaths. A veteran of over 20 years running his own large and successful clinic, Sam talks about the significance and impact that the “Double Your Client in 90 Days” course had on his business and general approach as a successful therapist.

Sam Papaleo

“Kyle Southcombe is a brilliant teacher, a human encyclopedia of massage therapy knowledge, and very patient”

Dear Cameron, We want you to know that Yuan and I thoroughly enjoyed the Whole Body Massage Workshop weekend here in Perth – so much so that we missed not going there again today! We learned so much from him. As a teacher myself (Yoga and Meditation), I appreciate a good educator and the well-prepared and well-packaged education programs that Discover Massage Australia offer are impressive. This course suited our needs very well, and provided us with exactly what we needed at this point in our lives and careers. I will certainly continue on with the Deep Massage courses, as and when I am able to dedicate weekends to them. I see these courses as on-going professional therapy education for me. Thank you! Sri Shanthi Bhavana – Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Educator and Therapist – “Shanthi Bhavana Meditation & Yoga” Therapeutic Healing Yoga for Life! www.shanthibhavana.com

Sri Shanthi Bhavana

“As my confidence grew, i enrolled into more courses (not just at DMA) and now I’m 100% certain that I’m ready to upskill further to Certificate IV in Massage Therapy.”

Hi Cameron,
WOW! I just want to say a massive thank you to Discover Massage Australia for teaching me a massage system that has allowed me to provide people with amazing massages that they all love and keep coming back. The feedback comments i receive makes me so happy, all thanks to DMA’s massage techniques. They have changed my life.

Since completing all of your courses, my skills have grown after each course which has increased my business. I am consistently doing 35 massages per week. I am so happy with how my massage business has developed. I owe it all to Discover Massage Australia. I am absolutely blown away.

I am now ready to continue my journey as a massage therapist and enrol into the DMA government accredited HLT40312 Certificate IV in Massage Therapy.

I know that by enrolling into the Whole Body Massage Course was the best option as it gave me a starting point to see if i like massage. It gave me the ability to join a professional association and insurance.

It was great to see you at your recent Whole Body Massage Course where i was doing a refresher course to ensure my technique are perfect. I look forward to doing the Deep Tissue Massage Courses again as refreshers.

Thanks again to you and DMA. A fantastic and professional massage school.


Catherine Terry

“A year ago, this month October 2015, I made one of the best decisions of my life… I did the Whole Body Massage Course through Discover Massage Australia.”

At the time my husband was deployed with the Navy and, with kids at home, I needed a course that was thorough and yet accessible. Going to classes constantly was just not an option.

When I found DMA, I thought that it was too good to be true. Could I REALLY do a weekend course and have the skills, confidence and qualifications to start my own business? The course was everything that I had hoped for – and more! Cameron’s passion for teaching massage in a simple, yet, thorough format gave me everything that I needed to kick off my own career as a Massage Therapist. I literally left the course, qualified, organised an Association membership the following day and my insurance was sorted out immediately after my Association membership was accepted.

Within a week of my course, I was trading as a Massage Therapist in my own business. It truly is that simple as it gave me a start. A year down the track and my business is growing by the week. As well as having my own regular clientele, I am also sub-contracting for 3 local day-spas and retreats.

As I have evolved and learned new skills, my massage routine has changed a little but, ultimately, I always refer back to the skills and routine that Cameron taught as I know it works! I have now referred 2 other people to DMA to kickstart their massage careers and I know that both of them have enjoyed the course immensely. I will not hesitate in recommending DMA in the future and have even returned myself to do the Deep Tissue Massage for Common Injuries courses. Thank you again Cameron for passing on your incredible passion.
Amy-Jane Ward Niche Massage & Aromatherapy

Amy-Jane Ward- Niche Massage & Aromatherapy

“I highly recommend Discover Massage Australia because the material is delivered in such a fun, easy- going environment, in a way that is easy to comprehend. You walk away with so much confidence in your ability. Thanks Discover Massage Australia.”

Read about Eden’s Pathway to Massage Excellence. She is also currently studying physiotherapy

As an aspiring physiotherapist, I believe it is important to treat not only the site of pain or injury but the WHOLE body. That’s why I decided to do the entire massage Pathway program with Discover Massage Australia. The skills I’ve learnt from this program are remarkable and the results are nothing less. I found I picked up the techniques quickly and with ease due to the relaxed, practical nature of the course. I enjoyed the Whole Body Massage Course so much I ended up enrolling in the other Pathway courses. I have now graduated with 5 certificates in massage therapy and the treatments i have can apply are amazing!

Eden Harkness

“I attended a Discover Massage Australia Sydney Whole Body Course at the end of last year and when I walked into the Training Centre my first thought was one of Professionalism Everything was perfectly positioned in a clinical environment; the facilitators were extremely courteous and welcoming.”

The other thing that I was most impressed with were the number of students, ten students for two facilitators meant that each student and myself were going to receive the supervision and support required to not only complete a successful post course assessment but to leave the course with all the tools to administer a safe and professional massage to our future clients.

We commenced the course with the theory section and covered off the requirements in a very timely manner. The exciting thing was that we then went straight into the practical side of our Massage Course and by the end of the first session we were already off and running. Throughout the weekend practical and verbal interaction was eagerly encouraged and each and every student along with the facilitators shared some very valuable information.

The fantastic thing that on completion I am now eligible to join the Massage Association of Australia which gives me the ability to take out insurance and offer Massage in conjunction with my Personal Training Business.

If you are serious about massage and want to be good at what you do then I highly recommend Discover Massage Australia not only for the beginner but for every Massage Therapist that wishes to enhance their skills.

Thank you so much to Amber, Cameron and the Team at Discover Massage Australia, be assured I will be back to increase my level of Certification in the not too distant future.

Best regards,
Tommy Geoghegan

Tommy Geoghegan

I had so fun on the Melbourne Whole Body Course.

Hear from Lisa who completed the Melbourne Whole Body Massage course in September 2012 and is now looking at up-skilling to the Certificate Iv in Massage Therapy Practice with Discover Massage Australia

I can’t believe how good the massage system you learn is. To be able to walk into the course not having ever massaged, and by the Sunday evening being able to perform a full body massage is just amazing. I highly recommend this course.
I completed the course in September 2012 and am now looking at starting a Certificate IV in Massage Therapy Practice with Discover Massage Australia.

Lisa Jackson

If you are looking to gain knowledge in Massage Therapy then look no further than Discover Massage.

I completed and gained certification in Whole Massage in June last year. The professionalism of this course is of the highest standard. It is the most practical training I had ever received, the trainers were extremely professional, the course material was practical, clear and concise, I would highly recommend this course.

I would rate the training 10 out of 10, the trainers managed to get excellent group interaction from the start. The course was interesting, informative, and very well presented.

This is the perfect grounding and structure in which to achieve a new career path in massage.

The skills gained in this course have enabled me to change careers at a late stage in my life, I left a high powered career as a Medical Practice Manager in a country hospital to setting up my own massage studio, and I don’t believe it would have been possible without the ongoing support and teachings of the staff at Discover Massage……

Sharyn Baines

“As a Trainer and Assessor I have confidence that the training style/content, which is hands on, is of a high standard that will assist the student to learn to massage.”

I attended the Discover Massage Australia Whole Body Course held in Canberra on the weekend 1-2 Nov 2014. Cameron was our facilitator and the course had 10 trainees.

Having never had tuition on massage before and with Cameron’s expertise as he guided us over the 2 days to complete a 1 hour full body massage, I left the course with the required skills and confidence to give a relaxing massage.

I am now considering to continue to learn Massage Skills with Discover Massage Australia as the instruction is of a high standard with an emphasis on enjoyment as you learn.

Stan Jarvis
Trainer and Assessor

Stan Jarvis

“I truly recommend DMA for anyone who has a passion for helping people and want to make a success out of their massage business. Not only is their courses done in just a weekend, but you will leave confident, GUARANTEED!!”

I found DMA on the internet while searching for massage courses. I was very intrigued by what they had to offer. What I liked most about it is that it is all hands on.

I enrolled in the Whole Body Massage course and loved every bit of it. The teachers did a fantastic job in showing and explaining what to do throughout the course. After the weekend I felt VERY confident in giving a whole body massage.
After that I did a few massages on people and I did not get one bad feedback. Some of them compared me with other massage therapists and pointed out what they enjoyed more. All I did was what I was taught at the Whole Body Massage Course.

After that I enrolled in the Deep Tissue and Common Injuries Level 1&2 courses. Same story, a bit more intense but the teacher did a great job. The first client I had after the course had torn calf muscle and didn’t know about it. With the knowledge gained in my course I was able to pick it up and treat it.

I also treated a client who has had Arthritis for years. After doing the Deep Tissue treatment on her, 2 days later, she didn’t even had to take pain medication. And with more of those treatments I am sure she will have to take less and less pain medication.

Chris Nel

“I highly recommend anyone wanting to complete a massage course to call DMA, I guarantee you it is the best decision I made and you wont look back.”

I recently completed my degree as a Nutritionist and I have completed the full pathway at Discover Massage Australia. The course was fantastic as it was very hands on. There werent many times where we had to sit for long periods of time and take in information. We were learning through practical application of the different massage techniques. This was a great way to learn as the instructors could help you if you needed it and you were getting used to working on different people and massaging from the very start of the first course. I absolutely loved my experience with DMA and would highly recommend to anyone wanting to do a massage course to speak to them. The instructors were extremely knowledgable and knew exactly how to get across the appropriate information. DMA taught me everything I needed to know and I am now successfully running my own business. I am constantly getting positive feedback from clients at how different the massage is from previous ones they have had. The clients feel the massages provided are much more beneficial and are able to treat their concerns much more efficiently than other massages they have had in the past. Sam

Sam Coppinger

“Overall, I found the course to be an easy, relaxed and interesting way to learn and would recommend it to anyone contemplating doing it.”

Doing the Deep Tissue and Common Injuries level 1 and 2 was a great experience. I learnt so much over the 2 days, such as feeling the difference between pulled muscles, muscle strain and a torn muscle. Also how to do ligament release, treat upper back muscular pain and TMJ. I really enjoyed learning to feel for shin splints and old/new injuries and what to do when I did find them.

Sharon Cardnell

Sharon Cardnell

“A client of mine has frozen shoulder. For 2.5 months he hasn’t been able to abduct his arm past 80deg and with some slight discomfort in doing so. He had seen a Physio and got no result. After a 45min session with me doing your frozen shoulder treatment he could lift his arm to 135deg, no pain and with his arm moving much easier to end range.”

As you know I am a PT and do mostly rehab, I gave him a series of exercises to go home with and rebooked him for 4 days later for a corrective exercise session and a week after for another treatment.

After this treatment and several days of his daily exercises, he could now lift he arm above his head, pain free and had much more flexibility. He purchased, on the spot 8 more sessions, 4 treatments, 4 corrective exercise, paid in full.

He has now 2 more of each sessions to go, yesterday he sent me a text, he went surfing, all day, no pain.

He now tells everyone he knows with any injury or little niggle to come to me.

That’s awesome.

Another one

An AFL footballer was on holidays in Inverloch, he called me up and booked in for 3 treatments in 10 days. On day 10 he asked if I was keen to do some work with footy clubs. Of course I said yes. The next day he sent his mother down, 15 minutes after her treatment, she sent her husband down, the footballers dad.

After his treatment, he asked if I was keen to do some work for the Gippsland Power Under 18’s over the season. He has passed on my details to the head coach, a recruiter, and a club official. After summer I am to call them and make some arrangements.


Darren Thompson

Darren Thompson

“Kyle is a brilliant instructor, I hope that I can take a leaf out of his book.”

Hi Cameron,

I just want to say, that I’m so glad that I was drawn to do the courses through DMA. My clientele is
slowly building and the word is getting out there, and I’m having awesome feedback and great results.
I’ve been approached by a chiropractor to work in his clinic, I start mid-late july 2015. I’m really excited about that.

Jackie Holden

“I’m so incredibly pleased with my decision to have taken the weekend certification in whole body massage over in Sydney, and would definitely recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in this area. ”

From the amazingly friendly and knowledgable instructors to the well thought out and structured program it was absolutely worth the trip over from my home in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Thanks again for such a highly valuable and equipping course.”

Cheers again Cameron and take care!


Sam Gan

“A great program to help and assist people such as ourselves to offer those that are in need of a great massage.”

Hi Cameron,

“What more can I say to professionalism and education in one weekend?”
Thank you Discover Massage Australia for giving me the opportunity to achieve my goals in becoming a “Relaxation Massage therapist”, to offer health and well being to others with this amazing skill for life.

Most importantly, to Cameron for the most Hands On experience to massage, that is patient, caring, educational, experienced, supportive trainer/ facilitator with a great sense of humour. Without Cameron, I wouldn’t be able to walk away with confidence.

Thank you kindly,

Warms regards,
Ar’e Abera

Ar’e Abera

“I would like to congratulate Cameron at DMA for his smooth running of his courses. I have flown from New Zealand to attend all five courses with Cameron. I love them all.”

I found the classes easy to follow and the practicals were seamless, all down to Cameron’s expert training.

I would recommend DMA to anyone who is wanting to travel the massage journey , whether you are doing the courses for self interest or you are intending to have a career in Massage.

Many, many thanks to Cameron.

All the best
Jan Kuyl

Jan Kuyl

“I am now very confident in my newfound abilities and am very excited to start my new venture in the massage business.”

I completed the Whole Body Massage course with Discover Massage Australia in Brisbane April 21 and 22 2018. I was initially very nervous about doing this however as soon as I arrived I was welcomed by Phil, the instructor and was made to feel very relaxed and comfortable straight away.

Rod Bonner

“Your courses have allowed me to change careers and live my dream.”

I just wanted to write to say thank you. I’m about to start in a local well-being centre and my home business is growing really well with great feedback.

Thank you for your blogs, and emails about information relevant to us. You have created a great school, with professional services. Thank you also for being at the end of the phone and answering any questions personally.

Alexa McNamee

“I’m so happy I did this course, it’s been an amazing journey.”

I have been practicing my technique and feel very confident now with my treatments. My models have given me great feedback saying that they are finding it much more effective than just massage alone.

I’m able to feel the stress of the muscles along the spine. Thanks so much.

Yvette O’Brien

“I give lots of credit to Joe who gave me lots of tuition and answered all of my questions and guided us well to developing smooth and effective massage technique. I will be continuing into the add-on certIV module this year to take my massage practice to the next level. Thanks again DMA”

It was June 2014 when I first spoke to Cam and booked a spot at the Whole Body Massage course in Melbourne.

Four weeks later after also completing the Deep Tissue Level One and Two Courses, I have now performed over 70 relaxation massages to the public. After performing leg massage as per Whole Body Massage followed by the deep tissue leg component, my client gave me the comment that they had received many massages and that was the best leg massage they had ever had.

LynxPT (Pete Manning)

“I would recommend it to EVERY one.”

Just finished the weekend course AWESOME. thanks again!!! Was the BEST ever course.

I have now enrolled into the DMA Pathway and Certificate IV in Massage Therapy Practice (HLT40312)

Dagmara Rusek

“Joe your instructor is a fantastic mentor, very caring and obviously loves what he does. Can’t wait for the next course Deep Tissue Level One to get more info and delve deeper into the workings of the muscles.”

Thanks again for offering such a great course. It was really an awakening for me that this is what I would love to do.

I had been trying for last 2 yrs to get into a part time course near my home but they never had the numbers so the course was never started.

I was so frustrated and just happened to find you on the web. Lucky for me this was my way forward.

I am now looking for volunteers around home to keep me going. I am sure I will have an abundance once the word gets out. Need to practice.

Grateful for your help.

See you next course.

Denise Smith

“We had such a wonderful experience with Discover Massage Australia.”

Cameron was our instructor, and he was such a gracious teacher. He was also very prompt in replying to our email questions and was very patient in answering every question we had before, during and even after the course ended.

The hands on style of teaching was perfect for us, as we are both visual learners and quickly understood and retained a lot of the things taught in class.

We are looking forward to learning further with Discover Massage Australia , as we know that we will be very well looked after in our success and learning.

With much gratitude,

Missy (Wise) and Katelann (Grealy)

Divine Stillness
Massage * Beauty * Angelic Readings
Miles, Queensland

Missy Wise and Katelann Grealy from Divine Stillness

“Thankyou Discover Massage Australia for teaching me how to perform a thorough full body massage.”

Your method of teaching is fantastic. I had so much fun this weekend. My new skills are going to generate a revenue stream to compliment my Personal Training business.

Can’t wait to start the Deep Tissue Massage for Common Injuries Courses.

Amy O’Sullivan

“Fantastic. A great course of hands on tuition.”

I cant believe how good DMAs technqiues are. To be able to walk in not knowing how to massage, to walk out being able to give a thorough full body massage at the end of the weekend is truely amazing. Thanks guys. Cant wait to start massaging professionally. Going to upgrade to your Cert IV in Massage Practice once in the near future. Excited. Cheers Cameron

Cameron Tyler

“Thanks Cam and Joe for another great weekend of hands-on tuition”

These massage courses really give a practical understanding of how and why each massage stroke should be performed and also great tips for how to accommodate all the anatomical differences for all body shapes and sizes . Looking forward to the Advanced Deep Tissue Courses in October, Pete

Peter Manning

“So much info and so well put together. ”

Big Thanks to Joe and Cam for an awesome weekend at the Deep Tissue and Common Injuries Level One and Two courses. See you guys soon for the next course.

Sam Hafifbilek

“Wow. I had the best weekend doing the whole body course and cant believe how good the techniques are in the Deep Tissue and Common Injuries Level One.”

I have learnt so much from DMA. Kyle the Perth instructor is so professional and the passion he has for massage and teaching thorough massage is unbelievable. I have had so much fun. I cant wait to complete the next step

Kerry Baxter

“I loved every minute of the course and eagerly await dates for the next levels. I totally recommend this course to anyone interested in massage!”

Having never done any massage previously, saying I was a little nervous coming into this course is an understatement, but the content and learning style was very practical and easy to understand and Cameron was fantastic!

I’ve come away from the weekend invigorated and excited. And what I thought was going to be a part-time hobby is now potentially looking at becoming a new career path.

Ghenelle Brennan

Ghenelle Brennan

“I just wanted to say a quick thank you for the course on the weekend, I really enjoyed it and took plenty away from the weekend.”

The course is well delivered and relaxed, the fact that it is almost all hands on for the duration of the course is a huge upside. I know personally I learn much quicker when practicing direct, rather than sitting, reading and listening.

I am looking forward to my new direction with my career, I am lucky that my wife is a qualified remedial therapist and has worked at some of the best spa’s across Australia and overseas so I can now continue to learn off her. I will be taking up a 4 day a week role within the business that we started, with my time split between treating and general running of the business and advertising etc.

So a big thank you again for the weekend


Kurt Gowers
Lavanya Spa Retreat

Kurt Gowers

“Thank you so much for having giving the knowledge you have for people like me to help others. I’m so looking forward to November for Deep tissue 1 & 2. Thanks again to all your team.”

Recently I completed the Whole body Massage Course in Canberra, and yesterday I had the opportunity to help one of my women rugby players with a serious headache, with pain that was effecting her sight. She had been suffering for about a week and seen her doctors and given pain relief. After a discussion I asked permission just to try the headache pressure technique I was taught from the course. Within 5minutes of applying pressure to all the points of her head she began to feel relief. Great results, she had vision and her headache was gone.

TeWhakapono (Faith) Garmonsway

“Just a quick note to say thankyou for everything that you did to get me into this full body massage course on the weekend.”

Best thing that I have done. Kyle the instructor was absolutely fabulous in demonstrating and all techniques required to successfully master all the strokes required. Venue was breath-taking, I also want to say that the txt we got with his mobile number was very helpful. I got lost when I first entered and had to ring Kyle, he met me at the front, instead of trying to give me direction.

Once again thankyou very much in the way you and your organisation have this program structured

Kind Regards

Jo -Cobram
Subject: RE: whole body massage course 26-28
Date: 30 July 2013 2:22:31 PM AEST


“A big thanks to Kyle for teaching over the weekend. ”

What a great instructor.By far the best massage i have attended. Anyone looking at getting into the massage industry, DMA is the only school to train with. The skills and course structure is beyond fab!

Candice Rouse

“If anyone asks where to do a massage course i will be sending them to Discover Massage Australia! THANKYOU!!”

I can honestly say, I’ve never learnt so much in two days and actually remembered everything. This is the only “hands on” course i have been to which has been “HANDS ON” for the whole weekend. Great way to learn with great instructors and participants.

Justine Roberts

“I would recommend Discover Massage Australia to anyone wanting to learn massage.”

As a new physiotherapy student I was looking for a way to gain some extra hands on experience to enhance my manual skills. Doing the Discover Massage Australia Whole Body Massage course in Brisbane did just that.

The theoretical and practical knowledge gained gave me a great leg up and has dramatically enhanced my confidence and ability to work with clients along with a way to earn a good income while studying. The staff and instructors were not only helpful and knowledgeable but also professional and passionate about helping their students succeed.

Luke Meir

“I have been really impressed with the Discover Massage Australia Training & am seeing the fruit of it now I am building my own business.”

Hear from Julie who has completed our Whole Body Massage Course and is now employed by a physiotherpist

Since doing the Discover Massage Australia Whole Body Massage Course in Sydney in February 2014 I have built up my client base and have a group of regulars I am massaging at home. I have just been contracted by a Physiotherapist where I work part time as a Receptionist to provide massage initially on Fridays.I did 2 massages last Friday & already have 5 booked for this Friday – a few happy customers have rebooked & have been telling everyone how good it is.

The physio was very impressed with DMA philosophy & then asked for a massage & to be able to watch me give a massage. After i finished the massage he offered me a contract. People really love the DMA routine – can’t wait to do the Deep Tissue and Common Injuries Level One and Two massage courses in Sydney in August 2014.
After August I will certainly be investigating your Certificate IV in Massage Therapy Practice upgrade. – would like to eventually have a provider number & am interested in gaining as much training as possible.

Julie Norbury

Julie Norbury

“I could not recommend your massage course more highly!I love the hands on learning and the fun environment. I’ll defiantly pass onto people and recommend they do it through Discover Massage Australia.”

I just wanted to thank you, Phil and Scott so much for the course this weekend. I learned so much and came away feeling confident and excited about what’s to come.
Doing the course has really confirmed for me that I want to take it further so I think as soon as the moment is right I’ll do the next two courses and then complete your certificate IV in massage therapy practice HLT40312.

I’m so excited and can’t wait to start practicing all my new skills on family and friends.

I gave my mum a massage last night and time wise it worked out perfect and that was without keeping an eye on the time and I remembered everything and she loved it so I was pretty happy with that.

I hope you have a merry Xmas and a happy new year!
Thanks so much again.I will be sending my partner who is a personal trainer to complete the course in 2015.

Charlotte Jeffrey

Charlotte Jeffrey

“Discover Massage Australia is without question the leading educational institution teaching massage therapy in Australia and has definitely provided us with a pathway to massage excellence. We highly recommend these courses and have recommended this course to many people here in Queensland.”

Thanks so much Cameron & Phil…My Husband and I absolutely loved the course and will be booking in for many more.. Brilliant tutorials and engaging techniques. Wonderful to have the experience of hands on learning.

Wendy Sauer
Myoskeletal Therapy Gold Coast

Wendy and Kevin Sauer

“I cannot recommend Discover Massage Australia highly enough.”

I took the Brisbane Whole Body Massage course with Cameron initially for my own knowledge and use. The hand’s on course instruction was so invaluable and confidence building, it motivated me to build a business from it.

Although clinic at home is only part-time, I noticed after completing the Deep Tissue Massage 1 and 2 courses that my skill levels jumped dramatically and I quickly gained a good name with my clientele.

I have not had to advertise ever, as it is all word of mouth. I currently have an 8 week waiting list, made up of existing clients and new as I can not keep up with it all. Some have traveled interstate and from overseas as I have been recommended to them.

I have to say an enormous thank you to Cameron and his team for what they have taught me, evidence shows it obviously works.

Danielle Morris
Hinterland Massage

Danielle Morris

“I Highly recommend DMA!”

I’m in my 6th year now and my husband is in his 3rd year massaging. We both LOVE it! Most of our training has been through DMA! We have another therapist working with us now and DMA is our first port of call for the start to her career! You will not look past DMA they are hands on, practical, professional and friendly! All our clients love the technique we learnt through DMA and our business growth is huge all mainly from word of mouth. You WONT regret your decision to train with DMA!. Paula

Paula and Graham Preece Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

“I look forward to furthering my studies with Discover Massage Australia.”

A big thanks to the instructors for a great weekend and to all the participants involved, it was a pleasure to be apart of this course.

Clayton Rowney

“Another great DMA course.”

Hi Cameron
Just wanted to say thank you again !!!!
I came away with a lot of knowledge & confidence yesterday thanks to your teaching methods.

Annie Mundy

“The techniques I’ve learnt from the Whole Body Course and Deep Tissue Level One and Two are going great.”

Thanks for your help Cameron. I’ve also been getting good feedback from clients. A few clients have mentioned never having received these amazing techniques before. They seemed very happy with it. This made me realise even more what a great set of massage techniques you teach. Thanks. Bridget


“By far one of the best coursed I’ve attended.”

Our instructor Phil made us all feel so welcome and kept us on track. Awesome group felt comfortable, professional and a lot of fun. Well done to everyone…looking forward to the next class

Samantha Andracchio

“I’d also like to offer my highest commendations to Kyle for his interactive, supportive and approachable teaching style. He never failed to offer support and guidance and because of this I came away from the weekend feeling confident in my newly learned skills.”

I wanted to take a moment to pass on to you my very warm thanks for your encouragement last week.

I completed the Deep Tissues Massage for common injuries 1 and 2 courses this past weekend. I’m so glad that I didn’t give up massaging and Kyle has inspired me to use and continue to develop my skills.

Many thanks,

Kay Lyallate

Kay Lyallate

“I highly recommend this course.”

Hello Cameron, I just want to say thank you so much, I had a great weekend so insightful I am looking forward to a amazing career in Massage and looking forward to the up coming courses and interested in doing my diploma.


“Cameron was fantastic and displayed a very attentive rigorous attention to detail in each and every attendee to ensure our techniques were done correctly.”

I just wanted to thank Cameron and Discover Massage Australia for providing a very detailed and practical full body massage weekend course.

Everyone has doubts however this course has given me the confidence to pursue my own business and begin massaging immediately.

Within one week of completing the course, I already have paying clients coming in via referrals after giving my closest friends a free massage and it will only expand from here. Consequently my motivation and desire to succeed in this industry means I have already created advertising and informational material and plan to commence in my own clinic in 1-2 weeks time once set-up. This would not be possible without the guidance and expertise from Cameron and the amazing practical weekend workshop opportunity.

Stephen Chittleborough

“Joe is a fantastic instructor and I am blown away as to how much i have learn’t over this weekend. His massage knowledge and skills are unbelievable and i left feeling so happy and confident with my new skills.”

Just wanted to thank you for putting on such an amazing course.

I can’t wait to continue to upskill and will be enrolling into your Online Deep Tissue Massage for Common Injuries-1 course ASAP so i can continue my learning without having to wait until the next hands on course. I will also enrol into the hands on course later this year so Joe can refine my skills.

Thanks again. DMA Rocks!!!

Peter Jeffro

“I’m so grateful for learning fabulous techniques! Thanks Cameron and teacher Phil!”

I did the Whole Body Massage relaxation massage course with Discover Massage Australia and later went on to do Deep tissue massage. The amount of people I have been able to help, the amount of people that say it was the best massage they have ever had is unbelievable! I’m so grateful for learning fabulous techniques! Thanks, Cameron and teacher Phil!

Brooke Cavanough

“I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to massage in confidence”

I travelled from Nouméa to Australia just to do this course. Great place to learn hands-on massage. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to massage in confidence and not waste time with theory and chit-chat.

Carina Bouderlique

“The style and comprehensive way the massage therapist massaged was out of this world.”

I have always loved to massage my children. I thought why not get some qualifications and earn some extra money as my family have always said I give a great massage. I went out and had 20-30 massages at all different places before I had a massage from one particular massage therapist that was amazing. I said where did you learn that! I need to learn it. So I went home and booked straight into the Whole Body Massage Course. WOW! Discover Massage Australia. WOW!


“I truly enjoyed this class and will look forward to attending another class.”

I flew from Singapore just to do this course. Cameron is a excellent instructor, he was very experienced and patient, especially most of us attending the class with zero experience. The class is well structured, clear with instructions and a lot of hands-on practice which is crucial to learn the techniques rather than dry theory classes. The class was fully booked and well received so look no further if you want to pick up the skills of authentic massage techniques! Chloe, Singapore

Chloe Lee

“I highly recommended it!”

I did the Whole Body Massage Course in Melbourne and found the course really interesting and very thorough. Joe the instructor was incredible. He engages everyone and they all resonated with him. I got a lot out of the course personally and I will be taking the new skills to a whole new level for me.

Ondrei Aiello

“Wow!! What a fantastic course.”

The massage system taught is so easy to understand and the structure of the course makes it very easy to learn. Thanks to Kyle who is a great instructor. Can’t wait to continue on and do the Deep Tissue and Common Injuries Courses and the Certificate IV in Massage Therapy HLT40312. Thanks, Discover Massage Australia

Glenn Welch

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