Learning Massage Therapy Online: Essential Tips for Success

Sep 7, 2021

With the strong interest in health and fitness among consumers, massage therapy continues to be a sought-after service. Completing a course is an entry point into a massage therapy career. It could help you stand out from the competition. Learning hands-on training online is a convenient and practical way to gain the skills you need, though it can be more difficult and challenging than you might expect. Having a realistic perspective of the demands of online learning will give you a better foundation for success. The following tips could help you find value and get the most out of your online massage course.

The value of self paced online learning  

It might be a surprise to some but you can learn a tactile skill like massage completely online. In fact, online learning offers a practical and effective way to gain the relevant skills and competencies for becoming a successful massage therapist. While the physical experience component is valuable and might be missing, an online course can still deliver all the important information, knowledge, methods, and training you can then apply in your own time. Some people might be hesitant to take on online learning as a replacement for face-to-face courses in this area. However, with a quality provider and industry-approved course, you can gain significant value from it. 

The advantages include the flexibility of studying at home without needing to commute, which saves you money. You can attend class in your own time rather than at fixed times 24/7, so you can fit it around your other priorities. One study found e-learning requires 40% to 60% less time than classroom learning. Online study may be more relaxed than face-to-face delivery and can facilitate different learning styles. It can enable you to better focus, stay engaged, and take advantage of different technology tools and platforms to support your learning. These could include video conferencing and virtual classrooms. Depending on the course, you might be able to learn from peers and participate in group discussions, projects, and collaborations just as with a face-to-face course. 

  1. Time management

    One of the best aspects about studying online is it offers incredible flexibility and convenience. Nevertheless, you’ll want to stay organised with good time management so you can reach all your study goals and objectives and fulfil your other lifestyle priorities. Without some time management, the flexibility you have could give way to the temptation to procrastinate and lose focus.As soon as you receive your syllabus, mark assignment, assessment, and other key dates in your calendar. Review your calendar regularly so you can better manage competing priorities like family time, socialising, and holidays. Set out a weekly schedule with given hours for watching lectures, participating in forums, revising concepts, and completing assignments. Set reminders so you get everything done. Review how you’re spending your time throughout the semester, and ask yourself whether you’re underestimating how much time it takes to complete items. Keep adjusting your schedule until you get it right.

  2. Actively participate

    Maximising your learning opportunities by participating whenever appropriate. Ask questions, offer answers, and email your questions to instructors if you need clarification. Become active in online forums and relevant social media groups and discuss the course with your classmates to deepen your understanding and gain insight into how others are interpreting the content.

  3. Stay motivated

    Don’t underestimate the drive and commitment you’ll need to succeed at an online massage course. You’ll need a good level of motivation to commit fully and stay engaged.So how do you stay motivated?Consider what kind of pace would suit your lifestyle and other priorities, and create your own study routine. Remind yourself why you’re doing the course, and set up a dedicated study space to boost your focus. Sometimes you might have a less productive day. Don’t beat yourself up and become discouraged. Inspire yourself and increase your energy levels with breaks, healthful snacks, and inspirational quotes. Stay positive, and reward yourself when you reach milestones.

  4. Virtual hands-on instruction

    Make the most of virtual hands-on instructional content where available. For example, Discover Massage Australia’s online massage courses offer detailed instruction, helping you learn how to execute specific techniques and massage best for specific regions of the body. You’ll also learn how to communicate with clients about their aches and pains.Students undertaking hands-on online training at Discover Massage Australia will download the log book to help guide them as they watch the instructional video.They will then answer the simple questions based on the video to help improve their memorisation of the course material. In addition, they’ll perform the required number of massages for that region of the body covered in the module. Once the hours recommended in the logbook have been satisfied, you can then move to the next module.At anytime throughout the course, students have access to an instructor to do Zoom coaching calls with them to help understand the underlying principles, and clarify the hows and whys of certain techniques and their best-use situations.

    An Instructor Showing Massage Techniques

    The instructor will watch them massage and offer advice to help the students improve, as well as receive hands-on feedback on their technique and progress.

Making The Most of Your Learning

Massage therapy is a potentially rewarding career path. It can give you a sense of satisfaction when you help clients achieve wellbeing and health. Thanks to the technological tools we have at our disposal, it’s possible to gain an industry-approved qualification in massage therapy through an online course. These courses can provide busy people with the flexibility they need. You’ll be able to master the skills, techniques, and principles to start on your massage therapy pathway while learning whenever it suits you best. As long as you keep these success strategies in mind, you should be able to overcome the unique challenges of online learning and get the most out of your course. 

At Discover Massage Australia, we recognise both the challenges and advantages of online courses. Our massage therapy courses have been carefully designed to support students in optimising their learning online.

Find out more about our whole body massage therapy course here, or contact us for more information.

Cameron Aubrey

Cameron Aubrey has over 20 years experience in the massage industry, and leads the team as Course Director at Discover Massage Australia. Cameron holds a Diploma in Remedial Massage, and his expertise runs across a large range of massage techniques, particularly sports, Swedish and whole body massage.