How to Create a Relaxing Environment for Your Massage Room

Dec 15, 2021


Massage clients are looking for a chance to relax and recuperate. As such, it’s vital to create a massage room that is calm and relaxing. The goal is to make clients feel at ease and to reaffirm that they are entering a safe space where they can leave all their worries behind.

Creating a relaxing atmosphere will require a room design that appeals to all the senses. From pleasant lighting to music and smells, not only will these things make your client more relaxed but it will help you as a massage therapist, too!

By designing a tranquil massage space, you can help your clients to reap the full therapeutic benefits of their massage session.

How to create a tranquil room


The layout of your massage room is the basis of creating an inviting environment that clients can immediately feel relaxed within. Some tips on creating a positive flow of the room include:

  • Strategically placed mirrors, fans and fountains to create movement
  • Soft angles and edges with nothing sharp or pointed
  • High, lofty ceilings
  • Soft, muted colours including wall paint and furnishings
  • Positioning the massage table so that the feet and head are not directly facing the door

Any awkwardly placed furniture or disharmony in the flow of the room (such as clashing colours, prints and decorations) can promote stuck or unsettling energy and make it harder for clients to relax.


Music can add to the ambience of your massage room, soothing your client and promoting deeper relaxation.

When it comes to the best music for massage sessions, make sure that you select playlists that are designed for massage. This can include relaxing spa music, soft instrumental music, meditation music or nature sounds including running water, ocean waves and bird song.

In order to fill your room with even sound, choose nicely-designed speakers with high sound quality to help set the mood.


Temperature plays a crucial role to the comfort of your client. Studies have shown that colder temperatures in an office can cause distraction among employees. On top of that, cold ambient air results in the tightening of muscles – which is exactly opposite to what you want to achieve as a massage therapist.

In order to make your space more relaxing and soothing for the client, ensure your massage room is set to a warmer temperature. Always check with your client if they’re happy with the temperature setting and adjust as needed.


Colour, style and decoration choice heavily influences the ‘feel’ of a room. Too much clutter and colour can have your client feeling overwhelmed and unable to relax.

Your massage room needs to feel like a tranquil escape. A retreat where your client can fully let go and melt into the moment. So when considering the interior of your massage room, always stick to soft, neutral colours and keep the space roomy and airy with minimalistic furnishings, indoor plants and decorations.

Some of the best colours to choose for your massage room include earth tones, blues and greens.


Have you ever walked into a room filled with harsh artificial lighting? Even natural light – if unfiltered – can be too harsh when it comes to the purpose of inducing relaxation.

Choosing the right lighting for your massage room will make all the difference in the atmosphere of your space and the comfort of your client.

Adding ambient lighting such as lamps or dimmable lights will provide a warm, comforting setting.

Benefits of creating one

The atmosphere of your massage room plays an important role in ensuring clients arrive and leave feeling relaxed.

When you step into a massage room, you should literally feel your stress and tensions fading away. Using a combination of the above decorative tips will help to create a tranquil massage room and provide relief for clients.

The major benefit of creating a massage room designed for peace and relaxation is that it allows your client to fully enjoy their treatment. Whether they are suffering from chronic pain or stress, or simply needing an escape from a hectic work schedule, providing adequate treatment is helped when the client is feeling safe and at ease. Their muscles will soften and relax, their mind will unwind and you will be better able to perform your treatment.

Relaxation helps your clients get the most out of their massage

Your clients come to you to seek relief and relaxation. When you design a tranquil massage room, you are adding to their therapeutic experience and respecting your client’s need for comfort.

When you’re designing your massage room, take into account all the senses – sight, sound, touch, smell. Incorporating elements of Feng Shui will help to create the most relaxing atmosphere.

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Cameron Aubrey

Cameron Aubrey has over 20 years experience in the massage industry, and leads the team as Course Director at Discover Massage Australia. Cameron holds a Diploma in Remedial Massage, and his expertise runs across a large range of massage techniques, particularly sports, Swedish and whole body massage.