Can Massage Therapy help with curvitures of the spine?

Yes it can.

There are many you will see once you begin massaging as a massage therapist with some form of curvature in their spine.

“Scoliosis, Kyphosis, Lordosis, Sway Back”, and some with a combination.

Whilst massage therapy will not totally correct or cure these problems, it certainly takes the pressure off from around the curvature. You will also find the muscles surrounding the curvature extremely tight and often very painful.

The Contractual Tendon (CTR) and Ligament (CLR) Release I use and teach in our Deep Tissue & Common Injuries Massage Courses bring great relief and quite often a lessening of their curvature, they do though need regular massage treatment, usually once a month once they have been thoroughly loosened.

The worst case that I have treated was a lady with severe Lordosis (Anterior Pelvic Tilt) with her hips so badly misaligned her lumber spine was not only forward but had begun to rotate so badly that her surgeon, even though he believed she would end up a cripple, was not prepared to operate fearing she may end up worse or in a wheelchair sooner rather than later.

The first time I saw her, after a thorough therapeutic massage treatment plus the sciatic treatment we teach in our Deep Tissue & Common Injuries Massage Course, she was able to raise her knees in the air for the first time in her life and could put her slacks on without having to sit on a chair. We were both extremely pleased with the result.

She began coming regular massage treatment over a 12 month period and as we began to perform CTR and CLR, the rotation in her lumber spine slowly came back, changing her posture, easing her pain and when it was clear the curvature and rotation had moved and released all it was going to, her surgeon was then more than happy to operate which he did successfully meaning she would be able to lead a normal life. She also continued to have regular therapeutic massage.

So as you can see with the right massage treatment on a regular basis even miracles are possible.

Discover Massage Australia’s desire is to teach as many as we can these unique techniques, through our thorough massage training offered in every massage course we have, to equip massage therapists have the massage skills to help many in our stressed out world.

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