Sam Coppinger

Read more from Sam who completed the DMA Pathway to Massage Excellence

“I recently completed my degree as a Nutritionist and I have completed the full pathway at Discover Massage Australia. The course was fantastic as it was very hands on. There werent many times where we had to sit for long periods of time and take in information. We were learning through practical application of the different massage techniques. This was a great way to learn as the instructors could help you if you needed it and you were getting used to working on different people and massaging from the very start of the first course. I absolutely loved my experience with DMA and would highly recommend to anyone wanting to do a massage course to speak to them. The instructors were extremely knowledgable and knew exactly how to get across the appropriate information. DMA taught me everything I needed to know and I am now successfully running my own business. I am constantly getting positive feedback from clients at how different the massage is from previous ones they have had. The clients feel the massages provided are much more beneficial and are able to treat their concerns much more efficiently than other massages they have had in the past. I highly recommend anyone wanting to complete a massage course to call DMA, I guarantee you it is the best decision I made and you wont look back. Sam”

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