Darren Thompson

Read a written testimonial from one of our past students Darren Thompson…

Hi Cameron

A client of mine has frozen shoulder. For 2.5 months he hasn’t been able to abduct his arm past 80deg and with some slight discomfort in doing so. He had seen a Physio and got no result. After a 45min session with me doing your frozen shoulder treatment he could lift his arm to 135deg, no pain and with his arm moving much easier to end range.

As you know I am a PT and do mostly rehab, I gave him a series of exercises to go home with and rebooked him for 4 days later for a corrective exercise session and a week after for another treatment.

After this treatment and several days of his daily exercises, he could now lift he arm above his head, pain free and had much more flexibility. He purchased, on the spot 8 more sessions, 4 treatments, 4 corrective exercise, paid in full.

He has now 2 more of each sessions to go, yesterday he sent me a text, he went surfing, all day, no pain.

He now tells everyone he knows with any injury or little niggle to come to me.

That’s awesome.

Another one

An AFL footballer was on holidays in Inverloch, he called me up and booked in for 3 treatments in 10 days. On day 10 he asked if I was keen to do some work with footy clubs. Of course I said yes. The next day he sent his mother down, 15 minutes after her treatment, she sent her husband down, the footballers dad.

After his treatment, he asked if I was keen to do some work for the Gippsland Power Under 18’s over the season. He has passed on my details to the head coach, a recruiter, and a club official. After summer I am to call them and make some arrangements.


Darren Thompson

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