Chris Nel

Read a written testimonial from one of our past students Chris Nel

I found DMA on the internet while searching for massage courses. I was very intrigued by what they had to offer. What I liked most about it is that it is all hands on.

I enrolled in the Whole Body Massage course and loved every bit of it. The teachers did a fantastic job in showing and explaining what to do throughout the course. After the weekend I felt VERY confident in giving a whole body massage.
After that I did a few massages on people and I did not get one bad feedback. Some of them compared me with other massage therapists and pointed out what they enjoyed more. All I did was what I was taught at the Whole Body Massage Course.

After that I enrolled in the Deep Tissue and Common Injuries Level 1&2 courses. Same story, a bit more intense but the teacher did a great job. The first client I had after the course had torn calf muscle and didn’t know about it. With the knowledge gained in my course I was able to pick it up and treat it.

I also treated a client who has had Arthritis for years. After doing the Deep Tissue treatment on her, 2 days later, she didn’t even had to take pain medication. And with more of those treatments I am sure she will have to take less and less pain medication.

I truly recommend DMA for anyone who has a passion for helping people and want to make a success out of their massage business. Not only is their courses done in just a weekend, but you will leave confident, GUARANTEED!!

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