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Therapist Career Management Short Course




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Course Overview

The Double Your Clients in 90 days was developed due to research showing the high attrition rate with therapists within the industry.

We are on a mission to change the statistics that most graduating practitioners wont see their fifth year in business. We want you to become more abundant so that you can continue to do the amazing and important work that you do.

Now we know it’s not just about the money but rather empowering you to become more effective and efficient, find your niche, you see more clients, make a bigger difference and in turn the money will come.

Learn how to build a successful clinic practice by authentically engaging, creating powerful healing sessions and growing a loyal following. This webinar will change the way you work as a healer and give you the tools to make a difference to your clients.

This is Australia’s NUMBER 1 business building series of webinars for health care professionals…

If you are serious about building a highly successful massage business and value the experience of others who have gone before you. If you want someone to guide you through each and every step and hold you accountable we have a comprehensive immersion and mentoring program to empower you to double your clients…

If you have a passion and LOVE what you do but are worried about where your next client is coming from and hate marketing this program will help. The program has empowered hundreds of massage therapists like you to transform their business and their life and receive the abundance that you deserve.

The Double Your Clients in 90days Program is the ultimate program that is designed to help you to breakthrough to success.

In our experience the only thing getting in the way of you receiving the success and abundance that you are looking for is YOU. When you get out of the road abundance is allowed to stream in like a waterfall. The DYC in 90days Program is  5 x1 hour webinars that will empower you to identify, remove and transcend those blocks, habits, fears and limiting beliefs that have been stopping you from getting out there and having a busy clinic business.

We want you to be highly successful and now not only do you get the most comprehensive massage training we now offer the most comprehensive clinic building program. Our desire is to have you be as successful as possible.

How does it work?

Run over 5 x 1 hour webinars in the comfort of your house, the program is divided into three sections and covers the complete five steps to have you transform your dream into reality allowing possibility to meet you. These three sections include:

1. Get aligned, get clear and uncover your expertise as you claim your space in the massage world. Clients don't just want to see anyone, they want to see the best.

2. Get all your marketing material, logo's, business cards and your pitch aligned so that it looks professional and helps potential customers to feel safe with you.

3. Finally do what you have been trained to do and that is creating magic for your clients. Here you become more effective as a practitioner leading to your clients booking and referring week after week.

What will i learn?

• How to Build a busy clinic practice
• Continually increase your client numbers week in and week out…
• Reach 90% capacity EVERY week…
• Have a 95% rebooking rate…
• All without advertising or giving away free sessions and;
• Realise the possibility that you can live your passion abundantly.

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Webinar 1 and 2 FREE when you sign up. >
Webinar 1 and 2 FREE when you sign up.
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Clayton Rowney

"A big thanks to the instructors for a great weekend and to all the participants involved, it was a pleasure to be apart of this course. I look forward to furthering my studies with Discover Massage Australia." read more
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