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Hybrid Deep Tissue Massage for Common Injuries - 4 Sports massage (Advanced Treatments)




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This Hybrid Style online and Hands on course builds on learning and understanding advanced deep tissue massage treatments, so you’ll need to have some previous massage experience or be working as a massage therapist.

Course Overview

This is our Hybrid Style online and hands on training course that you can work at your own pace and in your own time before attending our half day Master Class.

Watch the video's and practice the CTR Contractual Tendon Release TM and CLR Contractual Ligament Release TM techniques that are unique to DMA up until the Hands on component. Then come in for a half day Master class.

This Hybrid style training is a really well-rounded course that teaches you how to use proven techniques to provide relief for the more complex injuries that can be really debilitating for clients. 

  • Injuries addressed during this course include:

  • Groin strain
  • Inguinal ligament tightness
  • Lower back and sacrum pain
  • Neck strain and tightness
  • Whiplash

Course structure

As this is both an online and Hands on massage course, you can work at your own pace and in your own time, then come in for a half day Master Class to refine your technique and get expert advice from our instructors. The Master Class is 100% hands on learning
Class size are strictly keep to small numbers for this course.
Course materials

Our online component of the course include online treatment videos, and a quick and easy quiz which will get you ready for the hands on Master Class. You will have access to the video's for 6 months after the course.

Course Manual: You will also have a reference manual to download after the course.

E-Book: You will have access to download our DMA Anatomy and Physiology for future personal reference.

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Darren Thompson

"Hi Cameron A client of mine has frozen shoulder. For 2.5 months he hasn't been able to abduct his arm past 80deg and with some slight discomfort in doing so. He had seen a Physio and got no result. After a 45min session with me doing your frozen shoulder treatment he could lift his arm to 135deg, no pain and with his arm moving much easier to..." read more
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