What Is Trigger Or Pressure Point Massage Therapy?

It is firm pressure applied by either using an implement, finger or thumb to specific points which when pressed causes pain. These points also refer pain and can contribute to restriction of movement. Often these points are located in a different location to where the person feels pain or restriction. With this type of massage therapy oil is not always necessary, which enables you to use it to help people when away from your practice.

The Theory Behind Trigger Point Massage Therapy

The body often refers pain from the point (Trigger Point) of a problem to other areas by releasing the trigger point with applied pressure and certain massage techniques, then not only will the problem ease but the referred pain and any restriction as well.

Our Thoughts

Whilst our method of treating is different, trigger point therapy is certainly beneficial with good results possible.

Our theory and method is the opposite to the Trigger Point Therapy Theory, as we always relieve around the problem first, making it easier to release once you get to the problem.As you have been thorough releasing all related muscles the problem is not as painful and less likely to return, also the effect of the massage treatment lasts longer. Once you incorporate Contractual Tendon Release as taught in our Deep Tissue Massage Courses you are able to get results where many other practitioners have failed and often with only one treatment.

The key thing to keep in mind with any Therapeutic Massage treatment, is what is best for the client and what will give them the best and quickest possible relief with the massage session with you. Discover Massage Australia offers Massage Training through our Massage Courses that focus on getting great results. This means very happy receivers of the massage and very satisfied massage therapists.

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