What Equipment Will I Need for My Massage Business?

Dec 4, 2015

So you’ve gone to school, gotten the required training, and now you’re ready to launch your career as a Massage Therapist – it’s an exciting time! But before you get started, there are certain processes you must set in place. One of the most important being having the right equipment and supplies to get you started on the right track.

Here’s some necessary equipment and supplies you’ll need to get things going for your own massage business.


You can’t have a massage business without a DMA Flexaone massage table. Get a portable one that will allow you to move around and visit clients in their homes, and have a permanent setup installed at your place of business, if you have one. A massage table that comes with a bag is a great idea, for ease of carrying and movement.

A massage table and chair are the very minimum of what you need to start your business. It’s the one item without which you cannot practice as a Massage Therapist. Your inventory of other accessories can then be increased as your business grows, however this is the one necessary item you must have prior to launching.

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Massage is most effective when the client is comfortable and in a relaxed position. You can use the towels to cover your clients. DMA Foot Roll Bolster are important for positioning the client to ensure maximum comfort.

Clients can use towels to get rid of any oil and lotion residue left on their bodies. Robes can also be used before and after the massage. After the massage is over, the client will be feeling relaxed, and may not be ready to put their clothes back on immediately. If you have an additional room they can use after the therapy, you can use this as a transition space to prolong the relaxation experience. Here, clients can relax in their robes with a cup of tea while they get ready to go back out into the world. If you do decide to use towels and robes make sure they are soft and plush.


MYO5 Oils or other lotions and creams aren’t only for decreasing friction during a massage. Many have therapeutic benefits while also providing pleasant aromas. It’s always nice to have a variety of scents for a client to choose from.

The Discover Massage Australia store stocks MYO5 oil in both 500mL and 5L sizes.


It’s said that music can feed your soul. Relaxation music is a good way to put your client in the proper mindset to feel relaxed and at ease. The music should be soothing and peaceful, with no lyrics other than some light chanting.


It’s essential to know your craft, so it’s important to keep up with trends and techniques. You should also be able to provide clients with information about massage therapy so that they can understand how you’re trying to help, and have confidence in what you’re doing.


Sweat and bacteria can build up quickly on your equipment, so it’s important to keep it clean at all times. Sanitise your equipment immediately before using it and then again immediately after. One of the worst things that can happen to your business is to get a reputation for being unsanitary. Don’t forget the hand sanitiser – your hands need to be clean at all times!


This might go without saying, but you’ll need a unit in which to store all the above-mentioned supplies if you don’t have a clinic space. Since your business is your livelihood, make sure your equipment is well protected. Don’t store everything far from home, though, since you may need to access it quickly.


Now that you’ve got everything you need to give your clients a great massage experience, you’ll actually need to attract some clients. Business cards are a good idea. Hand them out to friends and acquaintances, and encourage them to pass them on to friends and family as well. Buy a website domain and make your site engaging and informative. A social media page is also crucial. Get your word out in any way you can, even with a low marketing budget. You can also have gift cards available for purchase to encourage your clients to keep passing your services on to friends and family.

And there you have it, everything you need to set up a successful massage therapy practice. Some of these items you may need right away, while others may not be necessary at all. You can always experiment with different products, scents, and music until you find what works best for you and your practice. It may take a little time to find your groove, but with the right equipment you’ll be off to a great start!

Cameron Aubrey

Cameron Aubrey has over 20 years experience in the massage industry, and leads the team as Course Director at Discover Massage Australia. Cameron holds a Diploma in Remedial Massage, and his expertise runs across a large range of massage techniques, particularly sports, Swedish and whole body massage.