Advantages of Industry Based Nationally Recognised Online Massage Courses

May 23, 2020

Have you been dreaming of training as a massage therapist and are looking for the best way to get your accreditation? Especially in the current climate, there are many advantages to taking an online massage course. You’ll receive a comprehensive massage education and will emerge as a confident massage therapist, ready to start your successful and rewarding career.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that come with completing an accredited online massage course.

Learning at your own pace

As humans, we all learn at different paces – and that’s totally okay! When you complete an online massage course, you’ll be able to learn at your own unique pace, taking the time to go back over any modules and videos that you feel you may need to brush up on. Not only will this result in you achieving deeper learning and memorisation, but it will also take away the stress of constantly feeling like you need to struggle to ‘keep up’ – you’ll be able to take your time and learn your own way!

Discover Massage’s Whole Body Massage Online Course consists of 15 video training modules with a multiple choice quiz for each video module, as well as a student log book to document your hours and client signatures. Learning online in this way means you’ll be able to revise any video modules you felt didn’t ‘sink in’, or where you’d like to perfect your technique even more.

Flexibility with your time

Studying an industry based nationally recognised certificate online massage course gives you the valuable opportunity to learn at times that truly suit you. Whether you’re working around other jobs, university, or family commitments, you’ll be able to focus better and commit yourself more thoroughly to your online massage course when you’re studying at times that suit you.

Work from wherever you want

In an even further offer of flexibility, studying massage online means you can work from any location you please! Whether you have a home office set up at home, you want to study during your lunch break, or you want to study on-the-go during your commute – online massage courses give you the opportunity to learn and absorb your new knowledge wherever you like.


Online accredited massage courses are cost-effective as you won’t spend money on commuting to a location or having to take time off work (whether it’s annual leave or unpaid leave). When you enrol in Discover Massage’s Whole Body Massage Online Course, you’ll receive a one-time $29 discount on either our Premium Massage Table or a complete Starter Pack with everything you’ll need to practice your newfound skills. Just use code FC8YKP6C to claim your discount!

More one-on-one time with your instructor

Rather than learning face-to-face in a group scenario, studying an an industry based nationally recognised certificate online massage course will actually give you more one-on-one time with your instructor, as you’ll be received live feedback and coaching, as well as online support. The Discover Massage Whole Body Massage Online Course includes unlimited Zoom or Facetime video face-to-face coaching with our Course Director, as well as excellent continuous coaching with our friendly and knowledgeable staff. You’ll be able to receive the answers to any questions you might have quickly and easily. At the end of the course, you will organise your final facetime coaching call so the course director can improve your massage skills.

No ‘information overload’

With face-to-face massage courses, because the amount of time you can physically spend in class is limited, students can be subject to ‘information overload’. Large chunks of information are distributed in short sessions and students are expected to memorise them for future recall – unfortunately, it’s hard for the human brain to work this way! With an accredited online massage course, you’ll be able to ‘chunk’ your studies to ensure you’re digesting content in a way that’s appropriate and helpful for you.

Become fully accredited with the IICT or MAA

When you complete Discover Massage’s Whole Body Massage Online Course, you leave as a fully accredited massage therapist, ready to start providing life-changing massages to family, friends and clients. The course is fully recognised with both the peak industry association Massage Association of Australia (MAA) and the peak industry body, International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT).

Cameron Aubrey

Cameron Aubrey has over 20 years experience in the massage industry, and leads the team as Course Director at Discover Massage Australia. Cameron holds a Diploma in Remedial Massage, and his expertise runs across a large range of massage techniques, particularly sports, Swedish and whole body massage.